Our Mission

At Shopwalk, our mission is to revolutionize the way communities engage with local businesses. Leveraging cutting-edge mobile technology, we aim to create a seamless bridge between consumers and the diverse array of local establishments that define the character of their neighborhoods. We are committed to fostering local economies by enhancing accessibility, promoting discovery, and facilitating meaningful connections that enrich both the consumer experience and the local business ecosystem. Through innovation, dedication, and a deep-rooted belief in the value of community, Shopwalk endeavors to be the catalyst for a thriving, interconnected local marketplace where every visit is an adventure, and every purchase supports the pulse of the community.

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How It Works


Shopwalk functions as a comprehensive search and discovery platform, primarily designed to connect customers with local establishments by showcasing unique offers on products and services. This platform cleverly integrates web and mobile applications, NFC technology, and digital coupons to enhance the shopping experience and support local businesses.

Shopwalk replaces the traditional coupon with a unique digital offer that can be leveraged to bring customers into an establishment in real time.

Search and Discovery

Customers use Shopwalk's web or mobile applications to search for specific products or services they are interested in. These applications are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, offering various filters and search options to help customers find exactly what they're looking for.

Based on the search parameters, Shopwalk presents customers with a curated list of unique offers from local establishments. These offers are tailored to match the customer's search query and preferences, encouraging discovery and exploration of local businesses they might not have considered otherwise.

Offer Selection

Customers can browse through the list of offers, exploring details about the establishments, the products or services offered, and the specifics of the deal.

When a customer finds an offer they are interested in, they can accept it through the web or mobile app. By accepting the offer, it is then stored in their account as a digital coupon.

Digital Coupon Storage

The accepted offer is saved in a digital format within the customer's Shopwalk account, accessible via the app. This digital coupon contains all necessary details about the offer, including expiration date, terms and conditions, and redemption instructions.

Redemption at Local Establishment

To redeem the offer, the customer visits the local establishment and uses their smartphone to interact with an NFC tag placed at the checkout counter or another designated area.

Tapping the NFC tag with their smartphone triggers the display of a barcode on the customer's device. This barcode represents the digital coupon previously accepted through the Shopwalk app.

The barcode is scanned from the customer's smartphone, applying the discount or promotional offer to the customer's purchase.


Benefits of Shopwalk

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For Customers

Shopwalk offers a convenient, efficient, and engaging way to discover and take advantage of deals at local establishments. It enhances the shopping experience by providing instant access to offers and simplifying the redemption process.

For Local Businesses

Shopwalk serves as a powerful marketing tool, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience, attract new customers, and encourage repeat visits. By offering unique deals through Shopwalk, establishments can increase foot traffic and sales while promoting loyalty.


Shopwalk merges the convenience of digital search and discovery with the tangibility of in-store shopping experiences. By leveraging web and mobile technology alongside NFC, Shopwalk creates a seamless bridge between customers and local businesses, fostering community engagement and supporting the local economy.


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